The Doctor is in.

Tired of the stress, sleepless nights, and feeling like there’s no way you can survive your current relationship drama?

Ready to feel more empowered in your relationship choices so you can say yes to possibility, intimacy, and love? Ready to live a life of purpose instead of feeling trapped and depleted?

It’s totally possible.

Meet Dr. Lurve, Love & Relationship Expert.

“Speaking with Brigitte gave me so many Oprah Winfrey “ah-ha” moments! For years I have been trying to figure out my relationship blocks and she was able to artfully articulate them to me in a way no one has ever done before. She is extremely professional, thoughtful and deeply cares about making your relationship journey meaningful.”

Lindsay McLaurin

The Lurve Lab with Dr. Lurve

Science. Emotion. Spirituality. Because love is the best kind of experiment.

It’s time to say goodbye to unfulfilling relationships.

The Doctor is in.